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Former Fellows

Since 2013, the Institute has hosted hundreds of Pritzker Fellows, including U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm; former RNC chairman Michael Steele; Vladimir Kara-Murza, Chairman of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom; and Kelly Ayotte, former U.S. Senator, R-NH.

Former Fellows

Fall 2021 Fellows

  • Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, Nominated By Presidents Bush & Clinton
  • Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, Nominated By President Obama
  • Tony Fabrizio, Chief Pollster for President Donald Trump’s 2016 & 2020 Presidential Campaigns
  • Janice Jackson, former Chief Executive Officer for Chicago Public Schools, the Third Largest School District In the U.S.
  • Mitch Landrieu, former Mayor of New Orleans & Founder of E Pluribus Unum, A Nonprofit Focused on Advancing Racial Equity & Social Justice In the South
  • Russell Moore, Public Theologian & Director of the Public Theology Project at Christianity Today
  • Lotfullah Najafizada, Afghan Journalist & Director of TOLONews, Afghanistan’s First 24-Hour News & Current Affairs Television Channel

Spring 2021 Fellows

  • Justin Amash, U.S. Representative from Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District (2011-2021)
  • Nathan Law, Activist, Founder & former Chairman of Demosistō & former Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
  • Heather McTeer Toney, Climate Justice Liaison at the Environmental Defense Fund & Senior Advisor to Moms Clean Air Force
  • Cecile Richards, Co-Founder of Supermajority & former President of Planned Parenthood (2006-2018)
  • Sally Yates, Former Deputy U.S. Attorney General (2015-2017) & Acting U.S. Attorney General (Jan. 20-30, 2017)

Winter 2021 Fellows

  • Tim Alberta, Chief Political Correspondent for POLITICO
  • Heidi Heitkamp, Former Democratic Senator from North Dakota & Co-Founder & Chair of the One Country Project
  • Will Hurd, Former Republican Congressman from Texas
  • Kara Swisher, Editor-at-Large at New York Magazine & Host of the "Sway" & "Pivot" Podcasts

Fall 2020 Fellows

  • James Bennet, Former Editor of The New York Times Editorial Page & Former Editor-In-Chief of The Atlantic
  • Jelani Cobb, Staff Writer at The New Yorker
  • Addisu Demissie, Democratic Strategist & Founding Principal of 50+1 Strategies
  • Scott Jennings, CNN Political Contributor, Republican Strategist & Founding Partner of RunSwitch Public Relations
  • Samantha Vinograd, CNN National Security Analyst

Winter 2020 Fellows

  • John Bouman, President of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law & chairman of the “Vote Yes for Fair Tax” Illinois ballot initiative committee
  • Abdul El-Sayed, Progressive activist, former executive director of the Detroit Health Department & Michigan gubernatorial candidate
  • Fiona Hill, Senior Fellow in the Center on the United States and Europe in the Foreign Policy Program at Brookings
  • Margaret Hoover, Host of PBS’ “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover,” Author & Political Commentator
  • Shahira Knight, Former White House Director of Legislative Affairs & Deputy Director of Economic Policy

Fall 2019 Fellows

  • Enrique Acevedo, Anchor of ‘Noticiero Univision Edicion Nocturna’ and Special Correspondent for Univision’s News Division
  • Jane Coaston, senior politics reporter at Vox
  • Joe Donnelly, Former Democratic Senator from Indiana
  • Heather McGhee, senior fellow at Demos and NBC News analyst
  • Tom Rooney, Former Republican Congressman from Florida

Spring 2019 Fellows

  • Karine Jean-Pierre, Chief Public Affairs Officer for Moveon and an NBC and MSNBC political analyst
  • John King, former U.S. Secretary of Education
  • Jack Markell, former Governor of Delaware
  • Mark Sanford, former U.S. Representative and Governor of South Carolina
  • Sue Mi Terry, former National Security Council staff member
  • David Wasserman, House Editor for The Cook Political Report
  • David Yepsen, Host of "Iowa Press" on Iowa Public Television

Winter 2019 Fellows

  • Sue Dvorsky, Former chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party
  • Lisa Madigan, Attorney General of Illinois
  • Claire McCaskill, Former Democratic Senator from Missouri
  • Peter Roskam, Former Republican Congressman from Illinois
  • Matt Strawn, Former chairman of the Iowa Republican Party
  • Laura Washington, Chicago Sun-Times columnist and ABC-7 political analyst

Fall 2018 Fellows

  • Amanda Carpenter, Author, CNN contributor, and former senior communications adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Tom Davis, Former Republican congressman from Virginia and chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Mary Katharine Ham, Conservative commentator, senior writer at The Federalist, and CNN political commentator
  • Steve Israel, former Democratic congressman from New York and chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Roberta Jacobson, Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere
  • Ameya Pawar, Former Alderman for the 47th Ward of the City of Chicago
  • Maria Ramirez , Co-founder of Politibot and political reporter for Univision
  • Paul Tewes, Veteran political strategist and organizer who in 2008 ran Barack Obama’s historic Iowa caucus

Spring 2018 Fellows

  • Kelly Ayotte, Former Senator from New Hampshire
  • Nneka Jones Tapia, Executive Director of the Cook County Department of Corrections
  • Vladimir Kara-Murza, Chairman of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom and Vice Chairman of Open Russia
  • Gerrit Lansing, Former Chief Digital Officer for the White House and the Republican National Committee
  • Matt Lewis, Author and Senior Columnist at The Daily Beast
  • Mark Murray, Senior Political Editor at NBC News
  • Tom Perriello, Former Congressman from Virginia
  • Dawn Turner, Author and Former Columnist for The Chicago Tribune

Winter 2018 Fellows

  • McKay Coppins, Author & staff writer at The Atlantic
  • Shomik Dutta, Co-founder of Higher Ground Labs
  • Betsy Hoover, Co-founder of Higher Ground Labs
  • Kirsten Lodal, CEO & co-founder of anti-poverty organization LIFT
  • Eboo Patel, Founder & president of the Interfaith Youth Core
  • Jay Roach, Award-winning Film director & producer

Fall 2017 Fellows

  • Laura Haim, Journalist; former spokesperson, Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign
  • Fred P. Hochberg, Former chairman & president, U.S. Export-Import Bank
  • Jason Kander, Former Missouri Secretary of State; State Representative; founder, Let America Vote
  • Jeff Roe, Republican political consultant; senior strategist & campaign manager, Ted Cruz's 2016 presidential campaign
  • Kathleen Sebelius, Former Secretary of Health & Human Services Department; former Governor of Kansas
  • Bakari Sellers, Former South Carolina State Representative
  • Karen Tumulty, National Political Correspondent, The Washington Post

Spring 2017 Fellows

  • Najla Ayoubi, Human rights activist, lawyer, and former judge in Afghanistan
  • Tony Blinken, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State and former Deputy National Security Advisor for President Obama
  • Alfredo Corchado, Journalist, author, and co-director of the Borderlands Program at The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism
  • Bob Dold, Former two-term U.S. Representative for the 10th District of Illinois
  • Jennifer Granholm, Former Two-term Governor of Michigan, Educator and Political Commentator
  • Steven Greenhouse, Former labor correspondent for The New York Times
  • Shailagh Murray, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

Winter 2017 Fellows

  • Matt Bai, Yahoo News National Political Columnist & author
  • Jackie Calmes, New York Times National Correspondent
  • Robert Costa, National Political Reporter at the Washington Post

Fall 2016 Fellows

  • Liesl Hickey, Republican Strategist
  • Kirsten Kukowski, Republican Media Strategist
  • Michael Morell, Former Acting Director of the CIA
  • Bruce Reed, Former White House Adviser to Presidents Clinton and Obama and Vice President Biden
  • Philip Revzin, Former Publisher of Wall Street Journal in Europe and Asia

Spring 2016 Fellows

  • Lavea Brachman, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Greater Ohio Policy Center
  • Ilana Dayan, Anchor of the investigative news program “Uvda” (“Fact”) on Israel’s Channel 2
  • Jeff Greenfield, Award-winning political journalist who has reported for CBS News, CNN, ABC News, PBS, The Daily Beast & POLITICO
  • Tom Harkin, Retired U.S. Senator from Iowa, former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions
  • Daniel Isom, Former St. Louis Chief of Police
  • Maria Latella, Political TV show host, author, and columnist for Il Messaggero, Rome’s leading daily newspaper
  • Mike Murphy, Veteran GOP media consultant & campaign strategist
  • Michael Nutter, Former Mayor of Philadelphia, served as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors

Winter 2016 Fellows

  • Wajjeh Abuzarefah, NBC News Producer in Gaza
  • Alex Castellanos, Republican political strategist and communications consultant
  • Juliet Macur, Sports of the Times columnist for The New York Times
  • Patti Solis Doyle, Democratic political organizer, campaign strategist and CNN political contributor
  • Stuart Stevens, Republican political strategist, media consultant and writer
  • Joe Trippi, Democratic campaign strategist, media consultant and FOX News Channel contributor

Fall 2015 Fellows

  • Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff
  • Matthew Dowd, ABC News Political Analyst & former Chief Strategist for George W. Bush’s 2004 Presidential Campaign
  • Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States
  • Reihan Salam, Executive Editor Of National Review, Policy Fellow at The National Review Institute & Co-Author of “Grand New Party”
  • Jessica Yellin, former CNN Chief White House Correspondent
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