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Jane Coaston

Senior Politics Reporter at Vox

Jane Coaston is senior politics reporter at Vox with a focus on conservatism, the American Right, the GOP and white nationalism. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, National Review, the Washington Post, the Ringer and ESPN Magazine, among others. She attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 2009.


“American Conservatism Considered (& Reconsidered)”

The story of American conservatism is actually a bunch of stories, all based on how a political and cultural philosophy dating back centuries was amalgamated with existing American political norms and beliefs to create a new guiding understanding of how American politics and American people could or should work. What is the role of government? Who gets to decide? What do voters want – and should they get it? In this seminar, students will join Jane Coaston, senior politics reporter at Vox with a focus on conservatism, on a journey through American conservatism to ask the big questions: what is the most powerful political movement in America based on, and why?

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