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Hispanic Federation, Policy & Advocacy Intern

  • Location
    Chicago, IL
    Leaning In-Person
    Hispanic Federation
  • Application Deadline Dec 15, 2023 Season Summer Full-Time Eligibility All Students Type Nongovernment Government N/A Themes N/A Sector(s)

Overview of Organization:
Hispanic Federation is a dynamic organization dedicated to policy, community engagement, and surveys, actively involved in advocating for and empowering Hispanic communities. The organization's multifaceted approach involves policy analysis, programmatic initiatives, and community surveys to drive impactful change.

Internship Summary:
This internship at Hispanic Federation presents an exceptional opportunity to actively engage in policy, community surveys, and programmatic initiatives, offering a blend of remote work and in-person engagement for a comprehensive summer experience. The summer internship at Hispanic Federation will be a hybrid model, blending remote work and in-person engagement in Chicago, IL. Commencing in mid-June,, this full-time internship offers a comprehensive experience in policy, community surveys, and programmatic initiatives.

Interns will be engaged in diverse roles including:
- Policy and Programmatic Surveys: Developing, distributing, and analyzing policy, programmatic, and community surveys.
- Hybrid Work Experience: Blending remote work with in-person engagement at the HF Chicago office, offering a hands-on approach to policy and community engagement.

Preferred Qualifications:
Qualified candidates will possess a range of characteristics, including an interest in politics and public service, experience in event organization or community engagement, exceptional research and communication skills, adeptness in managing multiple assignments, and proficiency in MS Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, and social media platforms.

About the Supervisor:
Roberto Valdez Jr. is Midwest Policy Director at the Hispanic Federation.

Location, Modality:
Hybrid - office location is 515 N State Street, Chicago, IL

Start and End Date:
Commencing in mid-June for 8 weeks full-time

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