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City of Chicago Office of Budget and Management Undergrad Intern

Overview of Organization:
The Office of Budget Management (OBM) plays a crucial role in Chicago's governance by annually preparing and executing the City's budget. OBM also oversees the capital improvement program, provides citywide grants management oversight, monitors and forecasts revenue, manages various financial activities, ensures citywide compensation management, and leads diverse management initiatives.

Internship Summary:
As an intern at OBM, you'll contribute to projects that align with your interests and strengths while gaining valuable experience in budget management and city governance. Past interns have worked on data visualization, strategic communication campaigns, and grants management. This project-based internship will provide opportunities to collaborate with OBM leadership and develop skills by actively contributing to the office's operations.

- Preparing, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets for various purposes.
- Developing strategic communications, crafting internal and external documents, presentations, and policy recommendations.
- Conducting research on grants, federal regulations, and compliance when relevant.
- Partner with your supervisor to clarify internship priorities and determine appropriate assignments for graduate vs undergraduate level.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Adaptable and open to various tasks, including those that may seem mundane.
- Ability to work independently and on a team.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Exceptional interpersonal skills.
- Previous experience with federal, state, or local grants is a plus.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.
- Interest in mentoring undergraduate co-intern throughout the duration of the internship

About the Supervisor:
Your supervisor will be Recovery Team Program Manager, Alexis Levato, a graduate of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. In this role Alexis manages the ARP LFRF funded portion of the Chicago Recovery Plan, with an eye toward federal rules and regulations. This work includes evaluating program eligibility, financial management and communications.

Start and End Date:
The internship will run from June 10 to September 27, with the flexibility to accommodate specific scheduling needs.

Modality Notes

OBM's intern would go in to the office once a week

Commuting Notes

55 to Green Line

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