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Chicago 2024 Host Committee Spring Intern

  • Location
    Chicago, IL
    Mostly In-Person
    Chicago 2024 Host Committee
  • Application Deadline Apr 01, 2024 Season Eligibility All Students Type Nongovernment Government N/A Themes N/A

Please note: this is a hybrid IOP/external internship. You will apply via an external application to this organization. You will also fill out a quick IOP application form once you've applied externally, signaling to us that you would like to qualify for an IOP-funded spot if selected. Please note that the IOP has partnered to fund four Chicago 2024 Host Committee Internships. Pay close attention to offer(s), as some may be unpaid and external to the IOP. The IOP-related offer will be clearly labeled, and will be copied. Please note, too, that the Chicago Host Committee internship program is actually offering two internship opportunities, Spring and Summer. We would like the UChicago Spring interns to roll over as Summer interns. We ask that you fill out the Spring application and the Summer application (linked below). The IOP will provide funding in the form of stipends proportional to $15.93/hour throughout the Spring and Summer Internship. The stipend for the summer portion of this internship will remain at the IOP's standard $5,500 amount. In order to recieve funding, you must also fill out IOP application(s); 2 applications to the IOP if you are applying to the Spring and Summer positions.

Organization Overview:
The Chicago 2024 Host Committee is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization collaborating with the DNCC and the DNC to help to set up the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Internship Summary:
The Chicago 2024 Host Committee is seeking an intern to help with planning and executing the Democratic National Convention. This internship will begin in the spring, with an option to continue on as an Institute of Politics Convention Intern during the summer. Please apply both through our application and the DNC website.

For the Spring Quarter Internship, apply externally here:

If you would like to apply to the Summer Internship or you would like the possibility of the Spring Internship to roll over to the Summer, apply externally here:

If you would like to receive funding from the IOP, in the event that you are selected as an intern, you must also submit your application(s) to us. If you are submitting 1 application to the Host Committee, submit 1 application to us. If you are submitting 2 applications to the Host Committee, submit 2 applications to us.

Work with one of seven of the following departments:
- Accessibility: Assist with making sure that ADA requirements are met for all events, including the convention
- Civic & Community Engagement: work to engage all 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, as well as the broader Illinois community
- Communications: work on messaging and communications for the convention
- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Work to create a inclusion convention and support a diverse workforce throughout the convention planning
- Event Management & Production: Assist with planning and executing all major events around the convention
- Partnerships & Donor Relations: Work to raise the funds required to run the convention
- Operations: Assist with managing the Committee’s budget

Preferred Qualifications:
- Applicants must be University of Chicago students eligible for sponsorship through the Institute of Politics program.
- Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with staff
- Proven commitment to public service in your community
- Strong writing and communication skills
- Experience assisting with event logistics

About the Supervisor:
Avigail Bailon is the Deputy Operations Director of the Chicago 2024 Host Committee. Jake Mikva is the Operations Director of the Chicago 2024 Host Committee.

Location and Modality:
This internship will be in person.

Start and End Date:
Start and end dates will be determined with selected candidates.

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