Leaders of Color

Leaders of Color (LOC) aims to increase the participation of minority students in leadership opportunities across the UChicago campus. Targeted specifically towards first and second year students of color, LOC seeks to prepare students with the skills to achieve internships and leadership positions on campus and beyond. 

  • Cohort Program: Each fall, LOC accepts a new cohort of first and second year students interested in developing their leadership skills. During Winter Quarter LOC works with the cohort on developing leadership and professional skills. The Spring Quarter is dedicated to group mentorship and exploring professional opportunities such as internships, fellowships and summer jobs.
  • Politics and Identity Series: Open to all students across campus, P&I offers discussions throughout the quarter on the intersections of politics, race, and identity. P&I brings in speakers across the country for facilitated dialogue on topics such as gentrification and urban development, LGBTQ activism, and music as political resistance. 

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