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Forest Preserves of Cook County Government Affairs Intern

Overview of Organization:
The Forest Preserves of Cook County, one of the largest public open space organizations in the country, is seeking a motivated candidate to assist in their legislative and governmental affairs under the supervision of the Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs. The organization focuses on a range of activities, including issue management, communications with local governments and elected officials, and comprehensive research and analysis of legislation, rules, policies, and practices. For more information about the Forest Preserves of Cook County, please visit or view the documentary at

Internship Summary:
As a Governmental Affairs Intern, you'll work closely with the Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, supporting day-to-day operations within the Forest Preserves District of Cook County. Your responsibilities will span multiple areas, including legislative research, operational support, advocacy for district legislative priorities, facilitation of meetings and events, and addressing concerns from various stakeholders. This internship offers a unique opportunity to engage in governmental affairs and support various departments under the President's office, dealing with sensitive and confidential information.

- Support the Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs in day-to-day activities.
- Conduct legislative and policy research to aid in decision-making processes.
- Assist the Deputy General Superintendent and other members of the Office of General - Superintendent in operational tasks.
- Contribute to the development and advocacy of legislative priorities and other initiatives.
- Facilitate meetings, events, training sessions, presentations, and community-related events.
- Address concerns and queries from elected officials' offices, government units, and residents.

The responsibilities listed above are not set forth for purposes of limiting the assignment of work. They are not to be construed as a complete list of other duties to be performed in this internship.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Excellent organizational skills.
- Ethical standards and adherence to policies.
- Interest in government and public service.
- Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups.
- Strong oral and written communication skills.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and willingness to learn additional tools.
- Ability to maintain confidentiality and multitask effectively.
- Comfort with variable schedules and a fast-paced, diverse work environment.
- Audio/visual or multimedia skills are a plus.
- Ability to perform policy research.
- Ability to work a variable schedule and work effectively in a diverse, fast-paced environment with a focus on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.
- Audio/visual and other multimedia skills are preferred, but not required.

About The Supervisor:
Delio Calzolari is the Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs at Forest Preserves of Cook County

69 W Washington, Suite 2040, Chicago, IL 60602

Start and End Date:
Summer internships will take place during the period of June 10- September 27 with specific dates to be determined by the employer partner and intern during the interview process

How to Apply and Application materials to submit:
● Resume
● Cover letter

Please address your cover letter to the following person:
Delio Calzolari
Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs
Forest Preserves of Cook County

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