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GOP Campaign Strategist

Campbell, the campaign manager for Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, will lead a series on what lies ahead for the GOP in 2022 and 2024 using the Youngkin campaign as a guide for success.

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Dr. Campbell has a winning career spanning over four decades. Mark’s client list is extensive and includes presidential candidates along with hundreds of federal, state, and local candidates and campaigns.

Campbell has won numerous tough “down ballot” races in swing areas even when the top of the GOP ticket got crushed. Campbell has also won races in Democrat strongholds including Jersey City, Philadelphia and northern Virginia. Dr. Campbell served as National Political Director for Ted Cruz for President. Most recently, Dr. Campbell served as the Campaign Manager for the tight left-leaning Virginia Gubernatorial race representing Glenn Youngkin. The race received international attention as a bellwether race to foreshadow voting patterns in a post-Trump election era.

Mark has served as a national GOP spokesperson and has appeared often in the media. Dr. Campbell has taught hundreds of political party leaders in emerging democracies around the world the art and science of connecting with voters, on behalf of the International Republican Institute and the Leadership Institute.

Dr. Campbell received his B.A. from the University of Tennessee with honors (1981), his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from SMU (1982) and his Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (2004).

Mark served as Director of Small Business in Pennsylvania (1985-86) and as Senior Vice President at Fairleigh Dickinson University (2000-2004). Mark also served as a Senior Advisor to The International Association of University Presidents (2010-2013).


"2022/2024 The Coming Election Storms: What Can Be Learned from Glenn Youngkin’s Groundbreaking 2021 VA Gubernatorial Election Victory?"

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