Summer Internships


The Institute of Politics offers around 300 domestic and international internships each summer to undergraduate and graduate students. From legislative offices to think-tanks to news agencies, students have the chance to explore internships in a variety of politically-related fields and organizat‚Äčions. The IOP's Summer Stipend Program allows students who have already independently secured an internship in politics, policy or a related field to apply for a $2,000 stipend to support their summer work. Additionally, while Metcalf internships are not available to graduate students, the IOP has partnered with various UChicago graduate schools to help support paid summer internships for graduate students. 

Please contact Karnika Iyengar, Director of Career Development, at with any questions.

IOP Summer Internships 

IOP Summer Internship Program FAQs

List of 2018 Summer Internship Program Participating Organizations

Every IOP internship is paid. Domestic internships are funded at $4,000 and each international internship is funded at $5,000, so students can take advantage of these opportunities to explore and engage in public service. The IOP will start posting summer internship opportunities in January 2017 in the weekly student newsletter. Summer internships opportunities are usually posted from January through May with some exceptions. 

These internships benefit both organizations and students in several concrete ways:

  • Government agencies and organizations gain essential research, data, and policy analysis in a time of limited budgets. In the summer of 2015, our students contributed over 100,000 hours of work to the employers with whom they interned.
  • Organizations benefit from the exceptionally bright, hardworking, and dedicated UChicago students who often work on projects crucial to the organization’s goals and mission. Eighty percent of our employers return each summer to host UChicago interns.
  • UChicago students gain valuable hands-on experiences and skills to further their public service interests and careers. UChicago students learn essential interpersonal skills and benefit from their IOP mentor’s guidance.

The IOP also provides stipends to students who are accepted into the White House and State Department Internship Programs. For the summer of 2015, the IOP provided stipends over 20 students interning at either the U.S. Department of State or the White House. These internships are extremely competitive; often 12,000 students apply for only 1,200 internship spots at the State Department. Although only 10% of total applicants are accpted overall, close to 20% of UChicago applicants were accepted this summer. However, traditionally these internships are unpaid. Therefore, the IOP is proud to provide stipends for students who are awarded these highly competitive internships such that all students, regardless of financial background, can accept these opportunities.

IOP Stipend Program

In addition to the Summer Internships Program, the IOP provides a small number of stipends to students who have found an internship opportunity in a public service-related field on their own. The IOP’s Internship Stipend Program offers the opportunity to apply for a $2,000 stipend to support a substantive summer internship. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Students who have already secured an internship in politics, policy or a related field can apply to the IOP for funding. We define these fields broadly; to see the types of internships we support directly, please go here.
  • Students are eligible to apply for an IOP Stipend even if they are receiving funding from other grants or sources. However, students who have Metcalf or IOP Summer 2016 internships are not eligible for these stipends.
  • Students whose internships are entirely unpaid will receive priority consideration for these stipends.

There are two deadline rounds to apply for an IOP summer stipend in May and June of each spring quarter. Please check back in the Fall 2017 for more information on how to apply.