Photo provided by the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute.

Sargent Shriver Program for Leadership in Public Service


The Sargent Shriver Program for Leadership in Public Service brings to life the legacy of Sargent Shriver, whose impact endures through the organizations he helped found, such as the Peace Corps, Head Start, Job Corps, VISTA, and Legal Services for the Poor. Each year, the Shriver Program engages a select group of UChicago undergraduates to put their commitment to compassion and service into action through a yearlong fellowship program of practical training in public service leadership based on the example, achievements, and methods of Sargent Shriver.

Shriver Program for Leadership in Public Service 2017-18 Application Timeline Moved To Fall Quarter

The application process for the 2017/18 cohort of the Sargent Shriver Program for Leadership in Public Service has been postponed to Fall 2017. While we’d hoped to open applications this spring, this delay will give us additional time to ensure we have the required staffing and funding available to lead the very best program possible. We’re now targeting a mid-September to early-October window for applications – and we’ll be sure to notify you via our list host and social media channels once the application window opens. Please keep your eyes on our communication as we near the beginning of the next school year, and thanks for your continued interest in the Shriver Program!

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The 2016/17 Program: 

For the 2016/17 academic year, the Shriver Fellows were challenged with exploring the needs of Woodlawn, a neighborhood directly south of the campus. Woodlawn has experienced a tenuous relationship with UChicago, in addition to facing slow economic development, elevated crime rates and a strained public education system. Fellows used their training to form relationships with community members to idenfity a pressing need. After two quarters of exploration, the Fellows have focused on addressing a lack of weekend youth-based programming. The current plan investigates the feasibility of a weekend program run by UChicago students. While still in its developmental phases, this program would provide a safe environment for youth during the weekend hours. 

All Shriver Fellows were awarded a $2000 stipend for their participation in the program. Read about the 2016/17 Shriver Undergraduate Fellows here