Shomik Dutta & Betsy Hoover on “The Future of Political Tech”

Shomik Dutta & Betsy Hoover's seminars will be held the week of February 12, 2018

All IOP Pritzker Fellows Seminars will be held in the IOP Living Room unless otherwise noted. 
All seminars are students only and closed to press/off the record.

Session 1 (February 13 at 12:30pm) - Tech & Politics: How We Arm Progressives with Tools to Win | RSVP

Technology has taken over the way we communicate. It has changed how we internalize the news, speak out on issues we care about, communicate with one another, and even how we run our cities. But for progressives, the technology we use to power our campaigns remains frozen in time. We are facing monopolies and broken innovation cycles that make it hard for us to get ahead. Come hear a bit about the past and present state of political technology, the partisan divide in tech – who’s ahead and who’s behind - and where we see the greatest hope for the future.

Session 2 (February 14 at 3:30pm) - Ideathon: Real Solutions for Campaigns | RSVP

Are you ready to tackle some of the thorniest challenges in politics? Great. We need your help. Come join the Higher Ground Labs team to hack on a specific challenge facing the political tech world today. At the opening of this seminar, Betsy and Shomik will introduce a specific challenge we see for campaigns this cycle. It will be up to you and a team of your peers to propose a solution to that problem and present it to the group for feedback. These concepts might be used in the near term as we arm campaigns with the tools they need in 2018. We also need to think about how to make these innovations last - what’s the business case for your concept? How might your technology be adapted outside the campaign cycle? Join us and bring your most creative friends - from aspiring campaign managers to computer programmers, from budding entrepreneurs to hacktivists - with you to brainstorm.