New Americans UChicago

Today, the issue of immigration remains at the top of the political agenda, with different solutions and reforms proposed across the political spectrum. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has declared his intention to “make Chicago the most immigrant-friendly city in the world,” and emphasized the historic importance of immigrants in building our city. In the wake of this changing landscape, many immigrants continue to go through the process of becoming citizens in hopes of attaining the American Dream. In partnership with community organizations and the Office of New Americans, NAUC provides opportunities for students to impact the lives of aspiring new Americans and learn about the political and social issues that affect their lives. Read a student describe her experiences with NAUC here.

Get Involved! 

Through partnerships with Chicago-based organizations, New American ambassadors tutor students weekly at citizenship classes for their naturalization exams. Typical responsibilities include reviewing exam questions, discussing American history and government, tutoring English, and conducting practice interviews. There will also be opportunties throughout the year for extended civic engagement through immigrant advocacy and service organizations and opportunities to learn more about immigration policy locally and nationally.

No previous training or experience is required to be a New Americans ambassador. Knowledge of Spanish is not required to volunteer. NAUC welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students. Tutoring runs on a quarterly basis, and NAUC welcomes new participants at the beginning of each quarter. 

Contact Andrew Corzo at for more information.