McKay Coppins on “The Partisan Media and the Future of Trumpism”

McKay Coppin's seminars will be held the week of January 22, 2018

All IOP Pritzker Fellows Seminars will be held in the IOP Living Room unless otherwise noted. 
All seminars are students only and closed to press/off the record.

Session 1 (January 22 at 12:30pm): The Partisanization of the Press | RSVP

The Trump Era has given rise in America to two highly partisan and increasingly influential new-media ecosystems—one on the right, and one on the left—both of which are teeming with political propaganda, conspiracy theories, and fake news. In these "fever swamps," the goal is not to report the news or even to comment on it—it is to weaponize and monetize information, often at the cost of accuracy, fairness, and truth. I'll share stories that illustrate the dangers these media trends pose to America's democratic process, and discuss what we can do to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation.

Session 2 (January 23 at 3:30pm): Donald Trump & the Future of the Republican Party | RSVP

For the past half-century, the GOP has been controlled by conservatives—people who believed in fiscal discipline, small government, and traditional social values. But the rise of President Trump—and the unique brand of populist nationalism he campaigned on—could be throwing his party into an ideological identity crisis. In the wake of Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama, and with Steve Bannon still threatening to lead an insurgency of Trump-style populists in next year's midterms, what does it mean to be a Republican today? And could Trumpism conquer conservatism in the long term?