Jason Kander on “Hooah to Harrumph: Stuff I Learned on the Road from Soldier to Politician”

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Session 1 (September 27): Ok, let’s get this out there right now: Do you buy any of this baloney people are selling about the millennial generation? | RSVP

Believe it or not, you and I are members of the same generation; we’re just on opposite ends of the timeline. Let’s get the stereotypes (fair and unfair) about our generation out in the open and talk about what they mean, what we’re looking for from politicians, and what we think our place in history is supposed to be. Just a nice light topic to start things off!

Session 2 (October 4): Political courage is just a high-falutin’ term for doing the right thing | RSVP

I used to have a job where I worked with people who demonstrated real courage just by taking that job in the first place. While I was in Afghanistan, everybody had to have courage just to get up and go to work. So when I got into politics, I was amazed at how often people talked about courage, since we never talked about it in Afghanistan.

Let’s have a conversation about everyday courage (since it seems to be seriously lacking in politics at the moment) and how we reinject it into American politics by refocusing our debate on right and wrong. Also, we’ll address why so many veterans are now entering politics and what sort of a difference it might make for progress and bipartisanship. I’ll be joined by Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber. Stephen served two tours in Iraq as a Marine and two terms with me in the Missouri House of Representatives, followed by two far less fun terms in the Missouri House without me. He’s also a badass and one of my closest friends.

Special Guest: Stephen Webber, Missouri Democratic Party Chairman

Session 3 (October 11): So you want to be in politics? Good! | RSVP

I’ve batted 3 for 4 in elections, so let’s talk about my favorite moments from campaigning, as well as the two jobs a lot of you are probably interested in: Candidate and campaign manager. Yes, they’re very different. We’ll discuss the work of Let America Vote (the campaign I’m engaged in today) and how it came into being.

Special Guest: Executive Director of Let America Vote, Abe Rakov. Abe is also former campaign manager for Kander’s statewide campaigns.

Session 4 (October 18): The Ad | RSVP

Everyone wants to talk about the viral background checks ad, so let’s talk about it with the greatest Democratic ad maker in the business: Mark Putman, who’s responsible for many of your favorite political ads over the last several years. The Democrats’ ads, that is. We’ll look at the ad from concept to execution to impact, and talk about some of the most effective ads from Mark’s long and illustrious career.

Special Guest: Mark Putnam, national political media consultant, campaign strategist and founding partner of Putnam Partners