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Spring 2017

John Kasich on a 2020 run: Never say never
CNN, May 4, 2017

GOP's John Kasich: Time is ripe for a billionaire independent to run for president
Chicago Tribune, May 3, 2017

UChicago hosts student-led conference on free expression
UChicago News, May 2, 2017

Robservations: Fox 32 reporter’s speculation crosses a line
Robert Feder, May 1, 2017

UChicago program prepares students for careers in public policy, service
UChicago News, Apr. 28, 2017

Obama Visits Campus, Speaks to Student Leaders
Chicago Maroon, Apr. 25, 2017

Obama to make 1st Post-Presidency appearance
KWWL (NBC), Apr. 24, 2017

Obama Talks Community Organizing, Civic Engagement in First Public Appearance
NBC News, Apr. 24, 2017

Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: April 24, 2017
Haaretz, Apr. 24, 2017

Is Senate’s Trump-Russia probe going anywhere? This panel member is doubtful
The Kansas City Star, Apr. 24, 2017

Axelrod On Obama Speech: He Will Offer Commentary, But Don't Expect Him To Be Back "In The Ring"
RealClearPolitics, Apr. 24, 2017

Is Senate’s Trump-Russia probe going anywhere? This panel member is doubtful
Miami Herald, Apr. 24, 2017

Schiff: Dems failed to explain why people should care about Russia
CNN, Apr. 20, 2017

John Kasich’s extensive upcoming travels: Officially a book tour, not a presidential campaign
The Columbus Dispatch, Apr. 20, 2017

Members of Congress Talk Trump's First 100 Days at IOP Event
Chicago Maroon, Apr. 20, 2017

Former Obama adviser: Election-style hacks ‘bound’ to happen again
The Hill, Apr. 18, 2017

Former counterterrorism adviser: There are bound to be more cyberattacks
CNN, Apr. 17, 2017

From the left to the right, students find podcasts for every political view
The DePaulia, Apr. 16, 2017

White Sox announcer gives play-by-play on finding success with cerebral palsy
CNN, Apr. 13, 2017

Disciplining Disruption: Inside the High-Stakes Faculty Debate
Chicago Maroon, Apr. 13, 2017

Truman scholar seeks career advocating for criminal justice reform
UChicago News, Apr. 12, 2017

Dele Momodu writes: There is life after power
GhanaWeb, Apr. 8, 2017

GradUCon and Beyond
Inside Higher Ed, Apr. 7, 2017

BuzzFeed: Trump Has Revived Flailing Media
Newsmax, Apr. 6, 2017

BuzzFeed editor: Trump has 'breathed new life' into media
CNN, Apr. 6, 2017

Kapos: David Axelrod gets back into political fray
Chicago Sun-Times, Apr. 4, 2017

COUNTERPOINT: Paid internships are ideal, but for some groups, impossible
The Daily Trojan, Apr. 4, 2017 

Could post-9/11 veterans restore civility in politics?
Military Times, Apr. 3, 2017

The Daily 202: How Trump tied his hands on human rights
Washington Post, Apr. 3, 2017

John McCain Speaks To David Axelrod – Says No Comparison Between Trump And Reagan
Western Journalism, Apr. 3, 2017

McCain: No Comparison Between Trump And Reagan
Opposing Views, Apr. 3, 2017

McCain: Trump Is Not ‘Reagan-Like’
Breitbart, Apr. 2, 2017

John McCain Blasts Trump, Says He’s No Reagan
The Daily Caller, Apr. 2, 2017

McCain: No comparison between Trump and Reagan
CNN, Apr. 2, 2017

Hell Week looms for Republicans
AXIOS, Apr. 2, 2017

Sen. John McCain guest on first ever TV airing of The Axe Files With David Axelrod
Monsters & Critics, Apr. 1, 2017

Saturday's TV highlights and weekend talk shows: 'Mother's Day' on Showtime
LA Times, Mar. 31, 2017

David Axelrod Pinpoints the One Thing Ivanka Can Do to Help Trump
The Daily Beast, Mar. 30, 2017

Cubs manager's advice to team: 'Be uncomfortable'
CNN, Mar. 30, 2017

An interview show is a quick way to get a podcast to market, but how do you build one from scratch?
Nieman Media Lab, Mar. 28, 2017

Former HUD secretary: You can't just dump ideology into policymaking
CNN, Mar. 27, 2017

Newsweek, Mar. 26, 2017