Internships & Career Development

One I came to the University and saw all the resources that the IOP had, and started going to events, I really became interested in doing things that are more policy oriented. I'm in New York for the summer, it's incredible, and I couldn't have had the opportunity without the IOP." — Angela Li, AB'18 (Summer 2016 intern at Civic Hall in NYC) 

The IOP's internship programs provide opportunities for UChicago students to pursue substantive, career-oriented internships in politics, policymaking, and other public service fields. Every IOP internship is paid, which allows all students to take advantage of these exciting opportunities. 

The Program

During the academic year and over the summer, the IOP offers more than 300 internships around the world, from Washington, D.C. to Beijing. The IOP funds domestic internships at $4,000 each, while students with international internships receive a $5,000 stipend. In recent years, students have interned at the White House, the U.S. Department of State, the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office, the American Enterprise Institute, and ABC News, among many other organizations. The IOP also allows both undergraduate and graduate students to apply for a $2,000 stipend to support a substantive summer internship they have secured on their own. Students do not need to have a politically-focused field of study to apply for an internship.

For students interning in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., the IOP augments students’ work experiences through supplemental programs, speakers and site visits that highlight the wide range of careers available to them in public service and politics. The IOP also provides career development opportunities for students; these include career advising, career guides for fields within politics and public service, alumni mentoring opportunities, and access to job and internship opportunities.

During the academic year, the IOP leads the Urban Policy and Research Program (UPReP) for undergraduate and graduate students. In partnership with the UChicago Urban Labs, UPReP offers students paid, substantive research and policy internships at local government agencies, enabling these students to apply their rigorous academic training to urban challenges. The IOP also provides 10 in-house internships during the school year, which give students the opportunity to work closely with IOP staff to facilitate operations and programming, playing a central role in supporting the IOP’s many activities and events.

Contact Info

Please contact Karnika Iyengar, Director of Career Development, at with any questions about the IOP Internships Program.

Support for the IOP Internship Program comes from alumni, parents, family, and friends of the IOP, including: Alphawood Foundation; The Clinton Family Fund; Marc and Gail Fenton; Mark; Gallogly & Lise Strickler; Irving Harris Foundation; Emily Nicklin Public Interest Internship Fund; The Stanley Barnett Internship Fund; The Savas Family Internship Fund; and the Winograd IOP Internship Fund.

Download the PDF overview on the IOP Career Development Program