Event Ambassadors

Students who serve as IOP Events Ambassadors join an invaluable team that helps the IOP’s Speaker Series staff execute logistics and marketing tasks for events.

*Please note that students are not able to be Fellows Ambassadors and Event Ambassadors in the same quarter, but may apply for both.  Should you be offered both positions, you will be asked to choose between them. 

Event Ambassador Responsibilities include

  • Open to all UChicago students 
  • Manage on-site responsibilities such as event set-up and attendee check-in
  • Serve as extensions of IOP staff in order to ensure that our guest speakers and event attendees have a smooth and enjoyable experience
  • Commit to attending and staffing at least three events each quarter, and to regularly support the IOP’s communications staff with event marketing and postering campus


Please contact Jondra Darden, Assistant Director, Speaker Series & Special Events, at jmdarden@uchicago.edu with any questions about the Events Ambassador program.