The Chicago Elections Project


The Chicago Elections Project (ChiElect) is a new initiative that focuses on the upcoming 2019 Chicago elections. Chi Elect will offer UChicago students the opportunity to get involved in the historic 2019 municipal elections. Through a series of public programs, a resident Winter Quarter Fellow, civic engagement opportunities, and internship opportunities, students will have the chance to deep dive into the candidates and issues shaping the election, all while gaining hands-on experience via volunteer or paid campaign work, non-campaign political work, and local journalism. ChiElect brings together career development, civic engagement, fellows program, and the speaker series to provide you with all the info you need to understand the upcoming elections. Whether it's working on a campaign, covering one for a news outlet, going on city treks, or participating in seminars with candidates, don't miss out on the chance to explore the races that will shape this city's future for years to come!


Not interested in completing an application?
ChiElect is open to any and all students, no application necessary.

Don't think you have enough space in your schedule?
Take advantage of the opportunities you have time for! Involvement with ChiElect does not require a strict time commitment.

Who’s running?
The City of Chicago will hold general elections for Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, and all 50 aldermanic seats on the city council on February 26, 2019. For races where no candidate receives over 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held on April 2, 2019.
Check out the Chicago Board of Elections site. This document will be updated as candidate challenges are resolved.

When will we know who’s on the ballot?
The Chicago Board of Elections says it may take until the first week of February to sort through the challenges, and determine the final ballot.

Which Chicago mayoral candidate do you agree with most? 
Take this WBEZ quiz to find your mayoral match.

How do I get involved in a campaign?
We have volunteer contacts at most campaigns across the city! Contact Scott Davis, and he can connect you with the campaign of your choice.

How will I know when a candidate is coming through or when treks are happening?
Sign up for our newsletter! Or keep an eye out on our Eventbrite page. Any programming related to the upcoming municipal elections will have “ChiElect” in the title.

Interested in reading books about the Chicago Elections, both past and present?
Here's a list!

How do I stay up to date on the race?
We recommend listening to WBEZ News, watching Chicago Tonight, and signing up for Politico’s Illinois Playbook.

Want to know more about ChiElect?
- Events: Christine Hurley, Director, Speaker Series
- Treks: Jenny Huang, Program Coordinator, Civic Engagement
- Campaign opportunities: Scott Davis, Program Coordinator, Career Development