Get Involved

Today, the world is facing many serious challenges. With all of these problems, it is easy to fall in line and claim the political system is fundamentally broken. But the best way to change that reality is to stand up and get involved." — Will Fernandez, AB'15

Community & Civic Engagement Opps 

Civic Engagement provides unique pathways for students to develop leadership skills, serve their communities, and explore political topics and interests through student-run initivatives and workshops: 

Chicago Peace Corp | Volunteer to provide con ict resolution skills and academic tutoring for students in local Chicago Public Schools.

The Gate | Interested in journalism? Join the IOP- supported, student-run UChicago online newspaper focused on policy analysis and student opinion.

New Americans UChicago | Tutor immigrants preparing for their citizenship tests in partnership with Instituto del Progreso Latino.

Leaders of Color | Apply to join the professional leadership skills development and mentorship program for rst and second year students of color, led by students of color.

TechTeam | Get civic tech training, volunteer to assist local non-pro ts, and maintain a blog highlighting the latest in civic tech.

Women in Public Service | Apply to join WPSP, which provides training, mentorship and support to female-identi ed students interested in public service.

Workshops | Attend a workshop and get hands-on workshops designed to expose students to the skills necessary for success in journalism, community organizing, and politics. 

Internships & Career Development

Paid Internships | Over 250 paid internships during the academic year and over the summer for UChicago students to pursue opportunities in politics, policy-making, public service and other related elds.

Get a Stipend | Apply for a $2,000 stipend to support substantive summer internships that students have secured on their own.

Career Treks | Every year the IOP hosts student trips around the world, ranging from Chicago to California, from our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. to the Illinois state capital in Spring eld. Each trip o ers groups of 10-20 students the chance to meet with practitioners, learn about organizations and government agencies, and explore internship and career opportunities.

Career Advising & Workshops | Get advice and learn how to pursue a career in your chosen eld, from building a resume to the secrets of networking. 

Speaker Series Events

Events | Attend free events hosted by the IOP for leaders and other political actors to share their experiences and insights on key issues of the day. Notable guests include then-Vice President Joe Biden, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, author Ta-Nehisi Coates, then-South Carolina Rep. Nikki Haley, Sen. Rand Paul, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Chance the Rapper, Edward Snowden and more.

Event Ambassadors | Volunteer at events and help the IOP execute event logistics, event promotion, and ensure that our guest speakers enjoy their visit to campus.

International Policy Program | Engage with student-led program on international policy, featuring lunch- time, students-only seminars on worldwide events.

News & Views | Attend the student-led, students-only event series that delves deeply into issues of the day, giving students the opportunity to invite experts to discuss current hot-button topics.

Chicago Style | Attend the student-led series that provides UChicago students the chance to engage with prominent Chicago-based elected o cials, policymakers, political operatives, journalists, lobbyists or organizers in meaningful, o -the-record conversations. 

Fellows-in-Residence Program

Seminars | Attend weekly students-only, non-credit, o - the-record seminars led by IOP Fellows on issues of local, national, and international importance.

Office Hours | Meet one-on-one with IOP Fellows in 20-minute sessions to discuss everything from career advice to news of day.

Fellows Ambassadors | Apply to become an ambassador to IOP Fellows and assist with their IOP engagements, serve as their guides to student life, and get mentored by some of the most successful practitioners in politics and public service. 

Other Opps

Student Advisory Board | Join the IOP’s student leadership team that works in tandem with sta and the Board of Advisors to carry out the mission of the Institute.